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Friday, November 12, 2010

World Emoticon Message manual

World Emoticon Message Application is in the top right.

When you click the World Emoticon Message icon, you can see the following initial screen.

Top buttons are for selecting emoticon types and emoticons, the top rightmost emoticon is for searching emoticons by typing some text.
Icons on the right are for actions like sending message, saving edited message into MY, speech recognition, and clearing edited message.
When you click the top left smiling emoticon, you can see the following type and emoticon selection dialog.

From the spinner you can select emoticon types like HAPPY, TEASING, AFFIRMING, SAD, ANGRY, KISSES, ANIMAL, PEOPLE, JAPANESE, ACRONYMS and etc. Total 20 types of emoticons are in the list including MY.

When you click one of the emoticon list it appears in the edit box like the following. And the text in the button is changed to the selected type of prototype emoticon. So you can choose frequently used emoticon types in the top left three buttons.
Also in the middle of text you can insert selected emoticons freely.

note) Top right MY button is for only my saved emoticons, and the text in the button 'MY' is not changed.

Icons in the right are for sending, saving, writing voice, clearing for each. From the send icon you can send the message to any of installed text receiving applications like twitter, email, SMS and other text editor. If you press the send button you can see the following screen. The list differs for each installed applications in android smartphones.

When you select Message you can send the edited message into message application like the following.

When you select Twitter you can load the edited message into twitter like the following.

Using save icon you can save edited message into MY list.
Using Speaker icon you can use Google's voice recognition, and it is inserted into the editing message. Voice recognition screen is in the following image.

Using Clear icon, you can clear all editing message.

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